University of Heidelberg

Department for Cell and Molecular Biology






Name Position Phone E-Mail

Boutros, Prof. Dr. Michael

Department head

0621 383-9650

Hardeland, Dr. Ulrike Scientific project management 0621 383-9648
Olschowsky, Felicitas Department administration 0621 383-9650


Research Group Boutros

Augustin, Dr. Iris Post doc

Blass, Claudia

Bioengineer / Lab manager

0621 383-9651

Suchanek, Michael

Ph.D. student


Schmitt, Barbara Bioengineer
Zhou, Jun Ph.D. student


Research Group Carl

Carl, Dr. Matthias

Group leader

0621 383-9655

Asgharpour, Sara

Ph.D. student

0621 383-9649

Guglielmi, Luca

Ph.D. student

0621 383-9657


Research Group Riechmann

Berns, Dr. Nicola Post doc 0621 383-9657

Riechmann, PD Dr. Veit

Group leader

0621 383-9654

Woichansky, Innokenty Ph.D. student 0621 383-6992


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