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Prof. Dr. Michael Boutros


Welcome to the website of the Department for Cell and Molecular Biology. The Department was founded in 2008 at the Faculty for Medicine Mannheim of the University of Heidelberg in collaboration with the German Cancer Research Center.

Our research is centered on different signaling systems that play important roles in the development of organisms and human disease. Many cellular signaling pathways have key roles in tumorigenesis, as well as stem regulation, regeneration and many other areas of biomedical importance. We use modern genomic, genetic and computational approaches to systematically analyze cellular signaling processes. High-throughput screening methods identify novel candidate genes that are further analyzed in various model organisms and human cell types.

Please also visit our homepage at the German Cancer Research Center



Learn more about Discus throw with cancer signals and about RAB8B is required for activity and caveolar endocytosis of LRP6.


Last updated: 15.05.2014